Behind The Tweet: Joell Ortiz Searches For Mrs. Right


Joell Ortiz Explains A Past Tweet

JOELL ORTIZ: “Her” is Mrs. Yaowa. It’s time for me to start celebrating with somebody. I’m tired of coming home to my little apartment. I don’t want to deal with the phone book of shorties [or] the substitute for Mrs. Right. I had just sat down on my couch and thought about that. And I had my computer in front of me, so I put it out there.

Some dudes were clowning, like, “That’s a lonely tweet!” But I also had girls hollering, like, “Trust me! I’m her.” No one wants to be alone. I haven’t met “her” yet. ’Cause I think if I would’ve came across her, I would have focused and locked in. —As told to Tracy Garraud