The Best Hair Colors for Your Complexion


With spring and summer right around the corner, it’s time for us brown beauties to update and refresh our looks. Whether you’re a scoop of caramel cone or a swirl of chocolate, we’ve found a color for you to dye for!


Lovely caramel latte Rihanna has taken a true hair-or-dare risk with these ultra-bright red locks. The color brings our her amazing bone structure and brightens up her skin tone. If you’re a caramel diva ready to take a chance, put on your dancing shoes and head straight to the salon to try this out.

Who says chocolate bunnies can’t pull off red? Well, whoever said it clearly hasn’t checked the hair credits lately. We’re not buying it, and clearly, neither is Estelle. This color works for her complexion because it’s deep. The hues are a blue base versus an orange base like Rihanna’s, which plays off the deep browns in Estelle’s skin tone.


We all love Beyonce’s color. Whether she has a full head of blonde or sections of hair that frame her face, this diva knows exactly which color works best for her tone. The blonde brings out her olive-y yellow skin base and makes her features pop. To all you light-skinned sisters out there thinking you can’t pull this look off in fear of being ‘too bright,’ we say shine on!

A deeper yellow base than Beyonce, Chrisette Michelle pulls off this blonde look with a natural twist. Short- and natural-haired chicks get to have more fun with color – not too much worry about damage or breakage. Since the hair is already close to the shaft, it leaves you with more room to play. This color brightens Ms. Michelle’s face and makes her look about five years younger… and who wouldn’t want that?


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