B.o.B.’s Most Embarrassing Stage Moments


B.o.B.’s Most Embarrassing Stage Moments

“I remember this one time I fell backwards completely off the stage over a speaker. Another time, I walked off a stage because I didn’t know where it ended. It was dark as hell and I just dropped to the ground, but! I didn’t fall I just played it off. I landed on my feet.”

“Man, I remember yelling out the wrong city. I won’t say what city it was but you better believe the fans were tight. It really takes a lot to win them back after that. That’s by far the worst thing an artist can do. Especially, when you’re on tour for months, you have to make sure you’re constantly asking your crew what city you’re in everyday.”

Bonus! B.o.B.’s man-stan moment:

“I got star stuck around Chris Martin from Coldplay. I actually went up to him and introduced myself and even told him how much his music meant to me but still I don’t think he realized it. I wanted to just tell him “you’re the shit!” but I didn’t [Laughs].