Cory Hardrict Chats Battle: Los Angeles, Warrior Names For His Soon To Come Son

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VIBE got on the phone with Corey Hardrict to chat Battle: Los Angeles (in theaters now) and finding names for his baby boy. He couldn’t talk long because his wife and mommy to be, Tia Mowry, was waiting for him to make a food run, which showed that not only is he a talented budding actor but he’s also the type of man that Vixens can aspire to dating.

So, is Battle: Los Angeles another alien invasion flick?

It’s about young marines who are called to see what’s going on with unknown enemies that’s invading LA, and I play Cpl. Jason Lockett and I’m one of the marines who is in the 2-5 batallion. I’m one of the guys who just wants to fight and get down to what’s going on. I’m under the leader ship of Aaron Eckhart who plays Sgt.. Nantz and Lt. Martinez. played by Ramon Rodriguez and we’re just here to protect and serve and save the world. The movie is kind of similar to Black Hawk Down meets Independence Day. It’s a war movie slash alien invasion movie but it’s a war film first.

What was preparation like for this?

We went to boot camp for three weeks in Louisiana in the back woods and out it was intense. We were out there getting up at five in the morning. We slept in tents. We had to sleep in these little beds, side-by-side, lined up outside in the woods with no lights. It was like a real military group, like if we were really going off to war. We got up every morning at 5 and the night prior to, everyone had duties so it’s kind of like you really didn’t get no sleep because they would pair you up to do an hour watch. You had to walk around the grounds with a flashlight, so if you had to get up at 5 and you had four to five duty. It’s like lights out by 9 or 10 but it’s really the hardest thing I ever had to do. Every day we would get up we would run four to six miles we would do push ups and sit ups and weapons training. We would eat this nasty food out these packages where you would only add hot water. But we all stuck together. We did it and it all paid off and it shows in the movie.

I imagine there was a lot of green screen action where you were pretending to fight the monsters, what was that like?

That wasn’t all the time. I only had three green screen shots. It was a six-month shoot but everything was location. Like, the free way scenes, they shut down free ways for months at a time the home scenes were real homes. Everything was real⎯the rubble the concrete, shooting on top of buildings, those were all real. We were shooting at these targets, like they had stickers on them and they were firing back at us like targets. The targets were real and they just added the aliens you know how they do the cgi? So it wasn’t like what people think like we were reacting to things that weren’t there. That was just a few times but it was as real as it can get.

What makes Battle: Los Angeles unique?

What makes this movie unique is that it’s a war film first and it’s a real gritty war film. I don think it has ever been to the point where you see the marines who are unseasoned and they gotta deal with their first invasion, and their first invasion is not them fighting human beings they’re fighting unknown beings, which are the aliens. So, I feel like that’s original within it self. I don’t think that’s ever been done to that capacity before.

You know that running joke about the black dudes dying⎯

Let me tell you something! Me and Ne-yo live! We survive to the end when we go down trying to save the world. That is rare [laughs].

What else are you working on?

I got a whole bunch of movies coming out. I got a film called The Day, it’s a great movie, and a film called The Phoenix, an autobiography about my man Harold Dennis who’s face got disfigured.

And aren’t you doing a reality show with your wife?

No. That’s just my wife, not me. You might get a glimpse of me in there cooking some eggs and flying out the back door but that ain’t my show [Laughs]. [Breaks to tend to Tia Mowry who called him from another room]

How’s Tia doing, anyway?

She’s good. We’re gonna have a baby boy and my wife is doing great. She’s 6 months right now and getting huge and sending me on food runs and I love very minute of it. [Breaks again for Tia]

So you have to go on a food run right now, huh?

Yeah [laughs]. The delivery man is at the door and he’s been waiting there for a while but I just wanted to finish up this interview first.

Any name ideas yet?

We want a warrior name, strong male figure names. Right now we don’t have any but we’re just working on some right now at the moment so when I do have one I’ll let you know.

I’ll tell people to tweet you some warrior names for consideration.

[Laughs] Yes. I gotta go but tell them to hit me @Coryhardrict. That’s were they can find me.