Denise Richards Beefs Up Security After Charlie Sheen’s Diatribe


Denise Richards is not taking Charlie Sheen’s recent public attack on her lightly. The actress has decided to increse home security to protect herself and her daughters.

Via Pop Eater: “Denise and her girls live a simple life,” an insider tells me. “She wants Sam and Lola to have normal lives, but after the recent threats and verbal attacks, she has increased her security. When you are dealing with a mad man, it’s better to be safe than sorry.”
We became aware of the most recent attacks from Charlie via Twitter, when he called Denise a “traitor and loser whore” and accused her of stealing his dogs. Friends of the pair tell me the hate isn’t new, however — it’s been going on for months.

“How Denise has managed to keep all this secret for so long is a miracle,” a friend of the former couple tells me. “If Charlie is willing to put those evil tweets out in public, you can only imagine what he has called Denise in private.”

All of this started after Denise refused to allow Charlie to use their daughters as a photo opportunity in a TV interview he set up after his two sons with Brooke Mueller were removed from his custody last month. Since then, he has been on the attack, and it doesn’t look like it will end any time soon.

“Denise has learned how to deal with the name calling, but once you start tweeting pictures of yourself with knives and saying you wished someone would die it’s a totally different game,” the pal says. “Denise is no longer angry — she’s scared.”

In Sheen’s rant against Richards yesterday, he called her a “traitor and loser whore” and “dog thief” via Twitter. This followed an incident where Richards retrieved a pug from Sheen’s home (that she once shared with him when they were married), saying that he wasn’t taking care of it. Richards is an avid dog lover.