Emily B Opens Up About Her Relationship With Fab, Why She’s His Reality Check, & Talks Upcoming Clothing Line


From the trailer of the VH1’s Love & Hip Hop, viewers get the impression that Emily B (girlfriend of rapper Fabolous) is just a bundle of tears living in the shadow of her famous boyfriend. However, once VIBE Vixen got a hold of this Virginia native, we learned she’s a driven woman who fell in love and is ready to make her mark in the fashion world. She’s dishing about what she’s dealt with in the relationship, why she’s the less dramatic one on the show and what she hopes Fab will learn from the show. -Niki McGloster

VIXEN: How did you get casted for the show?
EMILY B: Misa Hilton had reached out to me. She was originally apart of the cast, and she told me about the show. She knew Mona [Scott-Young] and told me that I should take a meeting with them to see what it was about. You know, I look up to Misa. She’s been a stylist in the game for many years and we’re kind of in the same position. She used to be with Puff and created her own image from that, and when she moved on, she still continued to be a stylist and do what she had to do. It turned that she had got another offer and she decided not to do the show, but I had already signed on. I had met Mona, and I trusted it. And that’s how I came on. I didn’t know coming in that so much would be about Fab. I really thought it would be more about lifestyle and my career and living in the city…

Yeah. How are you dealing with all the “Fab” questions?
For many years, I never answered any questions about him. I’ve been with Fab for eight years, and I’ve never been asked anything about him, so this is all new for me. It comes with the territory of doing a reality show. I know you saw the trailer and people are going to have questions. That’s kind of why I cry because I never have been asked those questions before. It was emotional for me because I had that bottled up inside for so long.

Were you nervous at all to let the cameras come in and get so much of your personal life?
Not originally. I didn’t know it would focus so much on the issues that I was having in my life pertaining to Fab. I wasn’t nervous coming in but once he was brought up and once those things were brought up, I started to become nervous and I started to be scared. I was hurt because I knew the whole world would see it, and my daughter would see it. I have a daughter who will be 13 in April, and that was the hardest part for me; to have to talk about it knowing that she was going to watch it. It was difficult, but it was a therapy for me. I faced it and I’m just in a better place now because of it. I’m glad I got it out of my system.

Right. I could definitely tell that you were so visually upset by what people were saying. Can you shed some light on what the status is with you and Fab now?
Well, you have to watch the show [laughs]. I can’t give it all away! But I will tell you that from the show I’m in a good space. I’m very happy with where I’m at right now and me and him are good. I’ll just put it that way.

Alright cool. Now, what’s your opinion of Chrissy proposing to Jim Jones? Most people would traditionally the guy has to ask the girl, but what are your thoughts?
You know, I’ve seen those two and they are incredible together. I get it. He loves her, and I really feel that she knows that’s the one for her. They’re totally in love with each other, so I just think it was one of those things where she was like, ‘Listen. What are you gonna do?’ I was proud of her for doing that.

Yeah, she definitely gets kudos for just going for it. As for the other girls on the show, how is your relationship with them?
Of course we have Mashonda on the show, which is my girlfriend. She’s someone who I confide in and who I can talk to. I know that she’s not going to judge me, and we’ve gone through similar situations. We both have young sons and she’s my friend, you know. Olivia, she’s my girlfriend too but she’s a little closer to Chrissy. You’ll get to see the dynamic of us three, and I actually meet her on camera. You’ll get to see how that works. It’s always interesting meeting someone new, and Somaya, she’s kind of the outsider. But for the most part, I’m the neutral party on the show. I don’t have no problems with nobody. [Laughs] I don’t want no drama!

[Laughs] Yeah, that’s definitely what it seems like from the trailer. You’re the calm person on the show. I don’t see you screaming, yelling or getting into with nobody.
Yeah, when it gets to my part it’s all sad music and I’m crying. [Laughs] I’m not perfect. I have my moments in the show where I go off. There’s a swear here and there because, you know, it was stressful to just be living your life in front of the cameras and being around people who you really don’t know if you can trust. Rumors, girls talking about you behind your back… You watch these shows and go, ‘Well, I ain’t gonna be like that. This is ratchet,’ but I get it. Women can be so catty, and it’s all about how you deal with it and how you respond. I’m really not into it.

What do you hope you’ll gain from looking back at the show or what Fab may get from it?
I hope what he gets out of watching it is that I have his back and it’s not easy. People are talking about me and wondering and people are talking about him and it was defiitely a struggle for me.

What advice would you have for someone who is dating a rapper or going through the same struggles?
I am not one to give advice! I can’t take my own advice [laughs].

But I’m sure you’ve given Mashonda advice or have some insight on how to cope or deal with the stress of it all.
Well, you have to be tough. You can’t be sensitive. You have to know how to tell the difference between the man and the rapper. It’s certain things that they have to do for their image and for their fans. They’re going to be doing their own thing. With [Fabolous], it’s always like you have your career and when you come home, it’s back to reality. Chrissy said that she’s [Jim’s] reality check, and I really feel like that’s what it really is. You just have to stay grounded. It’s hard, but if that’s what you really want and that’s who you really love…

It says a lot about you women who can stick in there and do it.
You know, 80 percent of all those things your hear are false. It’s all a façade. Those rumors, those things that you hear, there’s a lot of truth to it. I’ve dealt with all kinds of things – infidelities, rumors, blogs, and even people talking about me. But you have to know the real from the fake. That’s been the hardest thing for me to overcome. Like, what’s true and what’s not true. You just gotta be strong and stay grounded. If this is not for you, move on. Don’t stay in something that you’re not sure of, especially if you’re not happy or being respected.

So true. Now, you have your own identity away from your relationship with Fab and the show. Tell me more about your upcoming clothing line.
Being that I’m Fab’s stylist, sometimes I get, ‘Oh, she’s just his stylist because she’s his girl,’ and that’s been a struggle for me. Really, I’m just out here working. I’m working with Teairra Mari, Red Café, I just did the promo shoot for 106 & Park for Terrence and Rocsi, so I’m just out there working. It’s what I love to do, and I’ve been doing it since I was 19 years old. I went to vocational high school in Norfolk for fashion design and I’ve been taking sewing since I was in 9th grade. My real passion is to make clothes, so right now I’m in the process of making Emily B. It’s in the works. I already have my manufacturing deal and it’s basically going to be urban chic but affordable. Like, the average 18 or 19-year-old girl can go purchase it and it won’t break her pockets. That’s really my goal.

Ok, so it’s going to be a full clothing line.
Yeah, just women’s wear and I want to venture off into shoes and accessories. I’m an accessory junkie! Being that I’m a stylist, every time I see pieces I’m constantly buying them, so one day I hope to have my own accessories line as well.

When do you project your line to launch?
By next year. Right now I’m really just starting off. I hope people take too it well because it’s going to be fun, trendy and affordable.

The new series premieres Monday, March 14 at 10:30pm EST!