Going Green! Wiz Khalifa Encourages All To ‘Keep It Fresh’ On Green Carpet Tour


Remember when we first wrote about Wiz Khalifa’s Green Carpet tour? Well, the dates have changed and the greenery guru is kicking off his rolling-up friendly venture on March 31 instead of the previously scheduled month of April. One thing that remains the same are his efforts to spread the message to “go green.”

The tour will be all green everything with the “Keep It Fresh” campaign which promotes environmental sustainability. The efforts and actions of Green For All and SIGG USA allow Wiz to only use only reusable water bottles, compostable folks and plates and be recycling at each city stop. This environmentally conscious campaign will help audiences become educated about their water use and how to keep water fresh and clean. 

The fact that a big name and a major organizations are joining forces to conquer this matter that effects all communities warrants major respect to the chief!

Wiz Khalifa’s album Rolling Papers drops March 29.