Jahlil Beats Talks Getting Into Music, Working With Chris Brown, Meek Mill, And Upcoming Mixtape [PG. 2]


Describe how that track came about for that song.

You want to know what’s crazy, the track wasn’t even for Meek, it was for Young Jeezy. I was sending the beats to Young Jeezy’s A&R, DJ Folk. I had made the track, I didn’t send it to him that night. So the next day I had brought it to the studio. I just played it for Meek and he just recorded on it. He just said I need this!

So he just snatched it up and said I’m taking this? (Laughs)

Yeah, so he just recorded it and said, “I’m going to get Ross on this joint.” I was telling him how to do the hook, and then he sent it to Ross and he hopped right on it, then as soon as we got it back we blasted it off to the radio stations and then it picked up heavy on the Internet; got like 600,000 views on YouTube right now, bout to push a million. We also got a track called “Set It Down” that I actually just sent to Chris Brown so he can put a verse on that.

How did the “We Represent” track with Jim Jones featuring Omega come about?   

Speaking of work, let’s talk about this 80-track mixtape Still on my Grind you have coming out on DatPiff this week that I saw you tweet about.
Jahlil: I had did this little video– and it’s the hottest video on Datpiff.com– and it’s just me at my lil’ brother’s crib making a track on the computer. I was looking at some of the comments, and a lot of people really don’t know who I am yet so I’m just going to put this mixtape out, and it’s got 80 tracks with a lot of stuff I already did, and some new stuff. Just a re-introduction for people who don’t know who I am. I also got an instrumental mixtape coming out in April, it’s going to be like 18 tracks.  That’s how I kind of got buzzing on the internet, was putting out instrumental mixtapes on Datpiff.com; that kind of made a little name for myself.

What artists are you looking to work with this year? Do you have a wish list?

I want to work with Eminem, Kanye West, Jay-Z, Drake. I look at it as I will work with them, but I just have to work harder. I’m real close to their camp [Young Money], I just have to work harder. I look at myself as only one year strong in the game, so for me to accomplish what I have accomplished now, I know for sure in a couple of years I’ll be working with then cats.

That’s exciting to keep building. What is your plan/goals for the rest of this year?

In 2010, my plan was just to flood the market and that worked. In 2011, I’m trying to go with the same game plan– flood the market, stay consistent, and whatever pops up just take advantage of it. Right now in 2011 it’s more of getting my face out there; people are starting to see my face more as far as MTV, BET, and the radio.

What 5 songs are you listening to in your iPod on repeat?

Lupe’s song “Show Goes On,” Kanye West “Devil in a New Dress,” my homie Sean Garrett & J. Cole “Feel Love,” Lil’ Wayne & Cory Gunz “6’7,” and Rick Ross “MC Hammer”– I love that song; when that song comes on in the club, everything shuts down! It’s a close tie with “B.M.F.” I’m checking for everything though–I’m the type of dude I listen to everything; it’s all about your mood. If you’re in a partying mood, you listen to certain things; if you’re in a deep mood, you know some days I just might fall back and chill and listen to Jay-Z’s Reasonable Doubt.

Let the readers know what upcoming tracks you have that are coming out.

I got one upcoming track that’s about to come out Tony Yayo’s new single featuring Gucci Mane. I also got this track out with Nick Cannon’s label artist, The Wonder Broz and it’s playing on Teen Nick right now called “Chitty, Chitty.” Just look out for mixtape tracks. I’m dropping stuff every other week! I’m working with 50 Cent, Chris Brown, Tyga, Dorrough, DJ Drama, Master P’s daughter; I was just out there in Hollywood working with her and Master P. Diggy’s album, I got two tracks. I’m doing work with Twist, Mac Miller, YG.

Do you find it’s easier to work with artists closer to your own age?

It’s easier because most of these cats are just coming up and getting started and they really can’t afford the Swizz Beatz and Pharrells, so they look for the hot young cats that ain’t really looking for too much [in terms of pricing for beats]. A lot of these dudes are looking at me as starting to be a powerhouse in the game as far as these mixtapes are concerned. A lot of them just come to me in need of tracks. I also like to work with new cats because it’s a new sound anyway.

I read on the ‘Net that you signed to Universal. Can you confirm that?

The situation with me and Sean Garrett is almost final. What happened was there was a rumor that everyone came out with that I was signed to Universal. It’s not final. Actually, there’s a whole bunch of people hollering at me– Warner, Universal– it’s not just one person from there either, it’s publishing dept., Cash Money, etc.; I got Kevin Liles hollering at me. Right now I’m just trying to figure out the best situation. Right now, I’m not signed to anyone, I’m a free agent. I just work close to Sean Garrett and he’s working out a deal, but I haven’t picked a deal. Now I know that people are on me, I’m just generating a buzz and letting them know I really can work! I’m just trying to play chess right now. I’m young, I’m not really desperate for a deal because I make a nice amount of money right now by myself. Y’all got to come at me with something right, the terms got to be right. Nowadays they’re really not paying the producer or the artist.  It would be bad if you got a single out and you’re not getting your money for it!


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