Jersey Shore’s Deena Nicole Talks Lil Wayne Co-sign; Calls Rapper A Dateable ‘Lean Cuisine’


Making her mark as the “new girl”, twenty-three old Deena Nicole Cortese was introduced to reality TV fans on the third season of MTV’s widely popular and controversial series, Jersey Shore.

Surprisingly, Ms. Cortese is the first cast member to be an actual native Jerseyite. The outgoing ball of fun replaced ousted housemate Angelina, who left the show for good, during the second season.

Winning over the love of her new roomies and the show’s loyal fans was only a fraction of the guidette’s charming power. Last night, rap superstar Lil Wayne revealed that he recently became a fan of the show. The rapper also told Hot 97’s Angie Martinez that he had developed a liking for Jersey Shore’s newest member. Weezy attributes his new crush to Deena’s swag and outgoing personality.

“I was so flattered. If you would have told me a couple months ago that Wayne mentioned me — I might have died. He really made my day,” Deena told VIBE after hearing Wayne was an admirer. “I’ve always loved [Wayne]. I can remember going down the shore in 2007, pumping “Something You Forgot.”   I really love “Lollipop,” too — he just makes every song better.”

While, Deena has yet to meet Wayne or see him perform live, she says a night out with Weezy would be a dream come true.                                                                                                  

“I’d totally show Weezy what the Jersey Turnpike is all about. I would get him fist-pumping in no time — he’d have a blast partying with us,” Deena continued. “I like that he enjoys me being loud and outgoing. He gets me [Laughs].”

Even though Weezy lacks the muscle bound stature that the Jersey girl finds attractive, Deena describes her favorite rapper as a “Lean Cuisine” that she could see herself dating.

“Absolutely!,” answered Deena when asked if she would let the Grammy nominated artist take her out. “He just seems like a chill, down-to-earth person. But, I would want to do something fun and out of the ordinary, like going to an amusement park —  not the regular club thing. I feel like he’s a real spontaneous guy.”

 The next season of Jersey Shore begins filming this summer in Italy.