Katy Perry’s Evangelist Mom Penning Tell All About Heathen Daughter’s Career

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It’s not secret that Katy Perry comes from a religious background. She actually used to sing Christian music before her “I Kissed A Girl” makeover. So it shouldn’t be surprised that Perry’s parent’s might be slighly disturbed by their daughters new image, hence her preacher mom, Mary Perry Hudson, who is shopping a tell all book. The book will be about how Katy Perry’s pop-star image is impacting Hudson’s Christian ministry. Mama Perry admits that while she’s proud of Katy, “She disagrees with a lot of choices she makes in her career.”

Via NY Post: Hudson’s shopped the proposal, seen by Page Six, to New York’s literary agents hoping to land a publishing deal. “This memoir is her story, in her own words. Mary and Keith Hudson have been Christian Evangelists long before the world every heard of Katy Perry,” the proposal begins.

Following her debut single, “Ur So Gay,” the raunchy singer’s career took off with her smash hit “I Kissed a Girl.” She flaunted bust-bearing outfits and sexy bad-boy husband Russell Brand while comparing her upbringing to “Jesus Camp” and recalling speaking in tongues and channeling messages from God. Perry admitted kissing girls before marrying confessed sex-addict Brand.

Her mother’s proposal states: “Amid a torrent of negative reports from tabloid magazines and entertainment shows, Mary Hudson wants to tell ‘her story’ and dispel a lot of rumors. Katy’s success has impacted her ministry in both negative and positive ways.

“She loves her daughter very much and is very proud of her accomplishments, but disagrees with a lot of choices she makes in her career. This memoir is to set the record straight. It is not Christian proselytizing or a Katy Perry tell-all. It is the story of Mary Perry Hudson.”

Co-writer T.L. Gray told us, “We currently have interest from a couple of different agencies, but have not signed with anyone . . . Mary also just completed a Christian book called ‘Joyful Mother’ that will be released soon from Destiny Image . . . we’ve been playing around with a few different titles.”

A rep for Perry didn’t respond to them but we’ve seen this a million times, the church girls grows up, comes into her own and then rebels. However, it’s nice to see that her parents don’t seem to have any hostility or ill will toward their daughter. They’re probably still just praying for her to come back into the light.