Key Points With Bradley Cooper About The Movie ‘Limitless’

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If there were a pill that could enhance your brain capacity, would you take it? That’s one of the many questions posed in Limitless, starring Bradley Cooper (The Hangover) and Robert DeNiro, in theaters today. VIBE briefly caught up with Bradley Cooper and got some key points about the film.

Bradley Cooper On The Main Character:

“I play Eddie Mora. You meet him on one of the worst days on his of his life where he’s down and out, his girlfriend breaks up with him and he meets his ex wife’s brother who gives him a pill that helps him to focus and achieve the things he hasn’t been able to achieve. He takes it and the world is his oyster at this point. It opens up capillaries in his brain where he can recall anything he has touched tasted or smelled and he comes across this investment banker, Carl Van Loon (DeNiro), who’s about to take part of this huge merger and then hilarity ensues [Laughs].”

On The Viewer’s Experience:

“I hope they have a good time and I hope it provokes some sort of conversation in the parking lot about what you would do if you were on the drug and the moral ramifications of what he did. Would you take the drug? I just hope people have a good ride.”