Kid Fury’s Blog: Casey Heynes Is My Homeboy





By now you’ve probably been witness to a sort of Nick Jr. version of David & Goliath in reverse. At least that’s how my mind is processing it, except David is a 12-year old boy named Richard Gale, and Goliath is a 16-year old wrecking ball named Casey Heynes. Oh, and Casey whoops that ass! 

In the now viral video from a high-school in Sydney, Australia, Casey was caught in a verbal and physical bully attack by the much younger and lighter Richard. After being provoked and punched one too many times, Big Case allowed his finishing combo to take over and dropped his rival quicker than Evelyn Lozada’s panties. Another student approached the scene, but Casey gave him a glare of death and walked off like a boss. I’m certain that he hit The Cat Daddy once he turned the corner.

Personally, I’d like to fly Down Under and present Captain Casey with a handshake, a copy of Pokemon White and two badass Justin Bieber fans. He is an inspiration to victims of bullying and a perfect example of human emotion. Casey’s father stated that his son has been dealing with that sort of abuse for years and never retaliated. Well there is only so much damage a person can take before they decide to haul off and DDT your ass. 

I don’t want to advocate violence, but I don’t fully agree that is “doesn’t solve anything.” It is best to disregard as much ignorance as you can, but sometimes you have to fight back to earn respect. Plain and simple, I bet you those kids won’t fuck with Casey anymore…unless they want another “HULK SMASH” episode. Hell, at least he didn’t shoot the school up like other kids have done. 

Both students were suspended from school for four days, which is pretty low down since it was a clear case of self-defense and weight training on the victim’s part. In the long run however, a valuable lesson came from that video. Everyone has their limits and if you break them, they might break you. Somebody get Casey a rap deal and a reality show!


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