Kid Fury’s Blog: Charlie Sheen Is #Losing




It was always cute but bizarre how my two country Jamaican parents were religious viewers of this show on CBS called Two and a Half Men. I didn’t really understand the hype, but I figured if my folks were ignoring calls for a show about Charlie Sheen’s support of his chubby nephew, then I should take a look. Just three months ago I finally got into the series and the fat sassy housekeeper, Berta. Of course, now the future of the show is up in the air. 

Charlie Sheen is practically the talk of the planet right now. His reckless interviews and nonsensical quotes are piling up on blogs, Twitter, Facebook and the like. The actor who has had a long history with drug and alcohol abuse is allegedly off of dope, which leads people to believe that his ass is just as crazy as a shit-house rat.

However he claims to be “winning.” He doesn’t think anything is wrong with him and his “tiger blood.” Now personally, when I come across a crackhead, I simply fan them away and deny them my hard-earned two dollars. It seems like a lot of Americans don’t have the same method for Carlos Estevez. His Twitter account shot past one million followers in 24 hours with the trending topics #tigerblood, #TeamSheen and #Winning alongside it.

People think this man’s antics are entertaining. They are staring in the face of a sick 45-year-old man that lost his kids, sleeps with two gutter ass coochie-selling heifers and claims he has “Adonis DNA.” What the fuck is that?! 

Why do people find humor in the self-destruction of celebrities? Sure, it’s okay to make fun to a certain extent and we damn sure aren’t responsible for them, but it is clear when things are out of control. We don’t know what Charlie may do to himself or to others. Hell, at one point I thought he was going to yell “Attica” and bite off Meredith Vieira’s nose. What really kills me is that all the shits and giggles would cease if the man was found dead in a tub with a sacrificed wild cat. Then everyone would tweet R.I.P. and order Young Guns on Netflix. 

I’d love for people to stop encouraging this man’s behavior and enabling his winning mentality. Besides…if Charlie Sheen were Black, there would be far less fan support and most news stations would just wait for him to die. Yeah, I said it. Leave that looney ass fool alone and pray for him. I want Berta back!

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