Kid Fury’s Blog: The Days of Our Lives With Chris Brown’s Fists





There was a gleeful spark in my heart for Chris Brown these past few weeks. The whole Rihanna super combo drama seemed to be cooling down and allowing folk to move on. I stopped calling him The King of Iron Fist Tournament, he got praises for his ding-a-ling, his music sounds great and the guy just seemed pretty happy.  

Then he decided to pop, lock and drop his Good Morning America dressing room from wall-to-wall, after host Robin Roberts brought up that red-headed ex-girlfriend again. I thought “Forgiving All My Enemies” meant looking past scorn and hatred and finding inner peace, but apparently it’s when you bust out windows, rip off your shirt and walk out on hating ass heauxs.

So here we are again with people calling Christopher an angry and emotionally unstable jigaboo child. Personally, I’m trying to be fair, but a G is over it. I’d like to say I understand CB’s frustration. Yeah, he had Rihanna’s face looking like Seal’s, but he’s apologized several times and I believe he genuinely regrets his actions. It has to be awfully discouraging to try and progress and prosper when millions of people continue to bring up the past. He is only human, just as the rest of us and he deserves peace.

On the other hand, Chris has to realize that he’s going to be wearing that Ike Turner mask for the rest of his natural high-yellow life. Besides, this week’s story is sketchy. Robin Roberts claims that she asked Chris for permission to discuss the Bajan beatdown and he agreed. So why would you go Tasmanian Devil in these white people’s studio if you knew the questions were coming? Well on Wednesday’s 106 & Lawn Chair, Brown claims that he didn’t expect that topic to come up and he felt exploited. So who’s lying? If you ask me, the interview wasn’t even worthy of that kind of reaction either way. He should have fucked up that shady ass Larry King!

Was he truly pissed off? Was it a stunt for album sales? Maybe he wanted to make an example out of someone. Regardless, my sympathy for our golden-brown friend gets canceled out by his sheer stupidity, which could possibly lead to the judge throwing that ass in prison…and after seeing the photo that leaked, we all know he won’t make it in there.

The good news is that Chris Brown’s album, F.A.M.E. is already expected to debut at #1 next week with 250,000-275,000 copies sold, and yes I bought one. That’s the shit I like to hear. Now in the meantime, let’s hope nobody sings “S&M” in his presence. He might drive into a fucking hot dog stand and kick puppies or something.

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