Lady Gaga: ‘I Never Actually Enjoyed Sex Until Two Years Ago’


Lady Gaga has never been mum about safe sex and the devastation of HIV. Even going as far as to wear a condom outfit on Good Morning America and raising money and awareness for the disease with her M.A.C cosmetic line Viva Glam. She spoke to Grazia magazine to talk about losing her virginity, demanding her sex partners to get tested and how she never really enjoyed sex until recently.

“I did not lose my virginity until I was 17. But I have to say even then I wasn’t ready and it was an absolutely terrible experience. It was not good at all.”

“I have never not had safe sex, I have always asked a guy to be tested and to use protection, which was always my rule. Otherwise you are playing Russian Roulette.”

“I never actually enjoyed sex until two years ago. It was a proper monogamous relationship in which I felt free enough to trust and I had enough self love.”

“Sex is the ultimate expression of vulnerability and for me it was important to know that it was a proper relationship so it was sex as a source of love and nothing else.”

These quotes may not have beat out the Charlie Sheen quotables of the day, but you can always expect Gaga’s mouth vomit to be entertaining!