Laz Alonso Compares Paula Patten To Julia Roberts, Talks ‘Breakout Kings’


You also played opposite Paula Patton, was Robin Thicke on the set giving you the side eye while you were doing any of the romantic scenes with her [laughs]?

Robin is probably one of the most professional and secure men I’ve ever met and he has a reason to be because they have an amazing relationship. They can complete each others’ sentences, they are so in love. Robin Thicke never showed his face on set, he was in town taking care of their newborn but he never came on set. He’s not the kind of guy who’s insecure, he trusts his wife, she trusts him and they love each other and I think that’s why they have such a great relationship. He knew he had no reason to because I respected him and their marriage.

What was it like working with Paula?

I think people are going to see just what Paula’s acting chops are really all about. I think this is a role that she just ate up. When I was watching her on set there were times I was a fan. I wasn’t even in character playing the scene I was looking at her in awe like wow this woman is bringing it! I do not see any less of an amazing actress than what Julia Roberts did in any of her romantic comedies that made her famous. I really hope people recognize Paula Patton’s talent from her work in this movie because I think she deserves it.

What are your plans for future leading man roles and have you ever thought about doing Spanish language films or have you been approached?

I have actually, especially during the actors strike. I was really working hard on still working in Latin America and seeing what opportunities existed there. That’s something I haven’t given up on and I haven’t put that away. I’m actually writing a film now with my writing partner and the director who is Dominican, that’s very cool friends of mine. We’re writing a film that’s going to take place in the Dominican Republic and Haiti. It takes place after the earthquake and a lot of that film is going to be in Spanish. We’re kind of blazing our own trail right now.

Can you talk about your role on your new show Breakout Kings?

Breakout Kings premiers on March 6th on A&E. I ’m the head of this team of US Marshalls which half of the team is really made up of convicts not even real law enforcement people and basically we are using convicts, people in jail, to catch cons that are on the run who have escaped from jail. We have a team who have different levels of expertise and the all bring it to the table to catch these people on the run. We all hate each others’ guts but at the same time we’re working together to make it happen.

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