Letter From The Editor: Madea




Oh, hell to the yeah! This is Madea—M-A to the damn D-E-A! And because my new movie Madea’s Big Happy Family set to hit theaters today, VIBE.com has given me the chance to guest edit their site for the day. By now, you should already know how me and my crazy family get down. But just in case you need me to remind you, my editorial lineup is sure to punch you in the face! I’m going to let you take a look at my family tree, dish out some family advice, tell you what I think about all these damn celebrities in the news, show you what’s on my iPod, and even drop a brand-new song about—who else?!?—ME! So sit down, put the shut to the up, and make sure you check it all out before you run out to see Big Happy Family tonight. Okay?