Lil’ Cease Believes Shaquille O’Neal Could Have Saved Biggie’s Life


Even fourteen years after Biggie’s tragic death it’s still difficult to chat about Brooklyn’s finest without asking “what if…” This time Lil’ Cease wants us to ponder on his belief that if timing had played differently, Shaq’s presence the night of March 9, 1997 may have prevented Biggie’s death.

Cease who was in the car at the time of Biggie’s death believed that had Shaq (who was very close friends with Biggie at time) made it to that fateful VIBE Awards after party, the night would have ended differently. “I think that would have changed things,” he said. “If Shaq would have said ‘You know what, I’mma come with y’all.’ I’m sure him and B.I.G. would have rolled together, because that’s the type of person B.I.G. was. I’m sure Shaq would have had security and I’m sure B.I.G. would have had enough security to come with him that day to make sure Shaq was alright. So I definitely think if Shaq would have been there, it definitely would have changed, definitely would have changed.”

Shaq, who first met Biggie back in 1994 when they were both 22 recalls his ally inviting him to the afterparty: “I was on my way. I was dressed,” he explained to ESPN’s Outside The Line. “Usually [my head of security] Uncle Jerome will just come up, but I guess he tried to call and the front desk wouldn’t let him through. I just fell asleep. I woke up about 4 o’clock from a call from my mother. She said ‘Did you go to the party?’ I’m like, ‘No, what are you talking about?’ She said, ‘You know, your friend was shot and killed.’ And I was like, ‘What?’ So then I hung up with her and called some people and they told me what had happened.”

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