Lil Kim Airs Out Keyshia Cole & Mary J. Blige Beef


In a recent radio interview Lil Kim broke down why she’s not quite feeling Keyshia Cole the same way she used to. Apparently since her and Missy “stamped Keyshia to the streets” with their 2007 record “Let It Go,” Kim found it ridiculous that she would have Nicki Minaj on a record. Read her quote below that includes more details on Keyshia’s beef with MJB.

“I was offended on Keyshia’s behalf only cause of the simple fact that I know her and Mary had their little thing for a little bit. It’s not obvious because Mary and homegirl didn’t really blow it up. But if Keyshia dared come at Mary on my track and say some shit, I wouldn’t let that go down. That’s just me, I’m cut from a different cloth. I don’t understand all this mess in the industry. I’m just not with that. and then it’s like I’ve been riding with Keyshia for so long so to see her riding with homegirl in the video like woo, woo, woo. I would never even let Mary do that to Keyshia on my track and Mary’s my girl. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve known Mary first, so if it got ugly I’m riding with Mary. But my first gesture is to squash it or stay out of it.”

Listen to the full interview below: