Love Analytix: The 12 Craziest Types of Women


There’s a thin line between sane and crazy! Women are emotional creatures that can often be labeled cuckoo when, in fact, we’re just reacting inaturally. Listed below are the 12 types of crazy women and ways for men to know whether his lady is emotionally stable or totally off her rocker.

12. The “Why Didn’t You Call Me Back?!” Woman
Men act like they hate being on the phone, but she:

Isn’t Crazy if she’s reached out to you more than more than once after not speaking to you in 48-hour period.

She Has Issues if she texts you 11 times and calls 14 times – all in 30 minutes time span – after you told her you’re walking into church.

11. The GPS Woman
Men say they feel like a child when a woman keep tabs on them, but she:

Isn’t Crazy if she wants to know what you have planned for the weekend.

She Has Issues if she found out how long it should take you to get from point A to B, mileage on your car, or needs to know the EXACT store you are in at the mall.

10. The Love Atheist
Men love the gentle, loving side of woman, but she:

Isn’t Crazy if she says she’s taking love slow because of what she’s been through.

She Has Issues if she says that after what she’s been through, love is evil and she will never ever have any parts of it.

9. The “All Men Are Alike” Woman
As much they are guilty of doing it, men hate to be stereotyped. She:

Isn’t Crazy if she says things like, “You’re so predictable.”

She Has Issues if she frequently says things like, “All men are dogs,” “You’re just like the rest of them,” or “I hate all men.” Scary.

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