Make Michael Jackson History! New ‘Behind The Mask’ Video Calls For MJ Fans Participation


Radical Media and director Dennis Liu are presenting every person in every corner of the globe with the opportunity to be apart of the Michael Jackson legacy. Deemed as “the most epic, international and crowdsourced Micheal Jackson video of all time,” the “Behind The Mask” visual will include various clips from King of Pop fans performing all the parts, from singing to finger dancing to holding “We Love You, Michael” signs.

Just by registering to, you have access to each part of the upcoming video’s storyboard allowing you to record and submit your performance right on the site. (You know we had to try this out, right?)

Here’s a shameless attempt at hand fireworks:

POW! I was having a blast with my amateur theatrics, and being an MJ fan only heightens the experience. Millions will submit their videos, but only a few will be chosen to “star” in the montage video. Check out the site, play around and record different scenes as many times as you’d like! After you submit your vid, shoot us some comments on how you did!

Good luck!