Melanie Fiona Tells Her Story In Alter Ego Campaign By Derek Blanks


Melanie Fiona represents Women’s History Month with the Every Woman Compaign. Through Derek Blanks-photographed shots titled “Sistory: I Am Every Woman,” MF takes on 11 different personalities that represent the different times that women have fought for their community. The powerful singer speaks about the pics in the latest issue of Essence magazine.

She says:

I wanted to do something that was different that would represent the way I feel as a young woman in music and just a young woman in general. In making music, I found that women really responded to my music. So that was really the focus of the stories that were being told from a woman’s perspective. When it came time to this ‘Her Story’ campaign I wanted to do the alter ego shoot with Derek Blanks and become several different women in different times and in different cultures. I’m in the middle of the photograph, which is where I’m representing the unity of music, love and peace. It’s really just about showing the fight of women throughout time. Rather than history, it’s ‘Her Story’.

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