NBA TV Fan Night: Find Out Why Chauncey Billups is Just as Valuable to the New York Knicks as Carmelo Anthony

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New York Knicks fans might be thrilled right now to have Carmelo Anthony playing for their team every night. But according to NBA TV analysts Kevin McHale and Steve Smith, ‘Melo isn’t the only recently-acquired player that Knickerbocker fans should be excited to see suited up in the orange and royal blue.

During last night’s NBA TV Fan Night featuring a battle between the Knicks and the Orlando Magic, McHale and Smith took some time to explain why the Knicks faithful should be just as excited about the team’s acquisition of Chauncey Billups in the Carmelo Anthony trade (check out the video here). Aside from the leadership that he brings on the court and the NBA championship ring that he has in his back pocket, Billups—aka “Mr. Big Shot”—also has the distinct ability to knock down open jumpers and shots in the clutch. So he’s the perfect right-hand man for ‘Melo in NYC and he gives the Big Apple one more reason to get up out of their seats and cheer.

That’s not all the guys over at NBA TV discussed this week, though. Outside of the chatter about Billups—which you can see for yourself over on the NBA TV Fan Night site—the future of the Utah Jazz, the issues surrounding the Detroit Pistons, and the championship-contending Boston Celtics were also hot topics. So to find out everything you need to know about the NBA right now, check out the NBA TV Fan Night site now. And while you’re there, make sure you vote for next Tuesday’s NBA TV Fan Night game of the week, too. The action is starting to heat up as teams gear up for playoff runs. Use NBA TV to make sure you don’t miss a moment of it.