Oh, Let’s Do It! How To Start A Cocktail Club


I’m all about finding new, interesting things to do that stem away from the norm. Free indie concerts, wine festivals (drink responsibly) and museum trips are fun, but what’s better than creating some organic fun with you and a bunch of your friends?


So, I found this pretty cool idea to start a Cocktail Club from The New York Post that allows you to take the camaraderie you have with friends, add an essence of entrepreneurship and enjoy something that’s totally spontaneous and fun. Lynnette Marrero and Meaghan Dorman of Ladies United for the Preservation of Endangered Cocktails detail just how to start one of these clubs:

* The key is to keep it simple. Pick a few styles of booze, plus seasonal fruits and herbs. Or whip up a crowd-pleasing punch!

* Don’t forget to add zip by offering plenty of citrus fruits.

* Be inspired by a city in a book that you’re reading and make a cocktail that’s traditional to the city.

* And don’t forget to stay hydrated!

Although these women are professional bartenders, it’d be cool to find any common denominator between you and your friends to start up a club. Maybe you could even do a pop-up shop of some kind– why not? Explore new possibilities for the upcoming seasons!

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