Partner, Let Me Upgrade You?


Should your man be your new project? We’ll let Bene of Bitchie Life tell it…

Remember when Nightline did that awful “Face-Off” about the plight of the single Black woman back in 2009 featuring Hill Harper, Jacque Reid, Sherri Shepherd, Steve Harvey and the other guy whom I refuse to name? In one segment, Hill Harper told an anecdote about an established female attorney realizing the potential in a male suitor. Although she was higher up on the chain of command, this young man didn’t let her position, or his for that matter, prevent him from pursuing her. After turning him down a number of times she eventually gave in to one date. The rest is history. Literally. Harper’s narrative was the story of Michelle Robinson and Barack Obama. His point in telling the story was to suggest women date potential as Michelle once saw the potential in Barack.

Sherri Shepherd immediately retorted by proving Harper’s logic was flawed. Yes, Michelle took a chance on Barack who was fresh out of law school while she was already an associate at the firm, but he had a law degree from Harvard. She wasn’t dating the type of potential who was riding the bus and working at Burger King. I was so happy Shepherd corrected Harper on his “dating potential” analogy.

But dating potential isn’t uncommon for women. It isn’t unusual for a woman to date a man who isn’t up-to-par of her standards…

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