Reality TV Precap: Mashonda Chats ‘Love & Hip-Hop’ (Swizz’s Reaction, Somaya Reece Confusion)

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One of the biggest questions viewers had when watching last week’s preview episode of Love & Hip-Hop was why didn’t Chrissy, Olivia and Emily seem to know that Somaya Reece was their castmate? VIBE caught up with Mashonda and got that answer along with some other insight for what we can expect this season from Love & Hip-Hop. She couldn’t reveal too much but the points she actually made were pretty good.

How’d you get involved with the show?

Mona Scott reached out to me and she asked me to be a cast member and at the time I wasn’t’ emotionally ready to be a full on cast member so she asked if I would do some guest appearances with Emily B and I thought it would be a good thing for me and for other women watching so I took the role.

How much will we actually see you and what will you be doing other than playing the big sister role to Emily?

There’s 8 episodes and I’m in more than 4, I believe so we’ll see what happens. I can’t tell you too much of what you’re gonna see but you get to see me in my own personal space.

What was Swizz’s reaction when you told him you were doing the show?

I didn’t tell him I think he found out later on down the line. I felt like it was my personal choice. It was my decision. I did it for me I didn’t do it for anybody else.

Why didn’t Chrissy, Olivia and Emily know Somaya if they’re castmates, that seemed contrived to a lot of people?

I think Somaya came in as a surprise to everybody, so nobody knew her. I didn’t know her and I think that episode was where they first met realistically so that’s where it happened. I don’t really know the story behind what really went on because I wasn’t there but just from watching, that’s what I got and that’s what I was told so it should be interesting.

People will see the show and judge each woman, of course, so with that, what do you want people to keep in mind when watching?

People watch these shows for pure entertainment but there’s a lot of reality to this reality in the show so I think people should just take it all with a grain of salt and put themselves in our situations and look at it open mindedly instead of being so judgmental, because we are stepping out on a limb to actually let you guys see what we lived through and what we’re living through and it takes a courageous type of person to even do that. It’s tricky, I think people come down really hard on reality⎯I guess you call them stars. But it all depends on how you portray yourself too, that has a lot to do with it and I can only talk for myself and for Emily and I know I’ve been myself 100 percent of the time while filming but then again, you never know how you’re gonna get edited so that’s the tricky part too, so it’s a give and take type of thing.

What’s going on with your dating life, at one point a few months ago you had someone special?

Right now, I’m at a point where dating isn’t something I take seriously. If it happens it happens. But I’m just more into my career and figuring myself out as a woman and my son. Men will always be there, they’re not leaving the face of the Earth so I have time for that.

Now that you’ve experienced reality TV would you do a season 2?

I thought about it. I was asked to but I really don’t know. It would have to be right for me but we’ll see.

What can viewers expect from Love and Hip-Hop?

They can expect a lot of passion. It’s a really great story. I don’t want people to think that it’s all drama because it’s not. These women have incredible stories and things that they want to accomplish in their lives and like I said, they’re putting it all out there for people to see⎯not only to be entertained by it but motivated by the level of passion so I hope that something positive comes out of it all.

So when your son is 13 and sees reruns of the show what will he say about his mommy?

He’ll be proud of me. I set myself up for everything that I do or have done for when this little boy grows up and he looks back, the only thing he’s gonna be able to say is, “Wow, my mom was bold and she believed in what she believed in and she said what she had to say and she kept it 100% and I believe that that’s what he’ll take from all of this, everything.”

Love & Hip-Hop airs tonight on Vh1 at 10:30 pm.