Reality TV Precap: Tami Roman Discusses Unaired Scenes From Evelyn Fight, Tonight’s Reunion

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With regard to the fight with Evelyn, what happened with you guys that may have been edited out?

The only part that people really didn’t see and don’t understand is that whole dinner took over four hours, so there was a lot of conversation that happened between what you guys actually saw. I didn’t just sit down and Evelyn blurted out that she had slept with Kenny and all of a sudden we’re fighting. It was a much longer situation than that but before Evelyn came out to tell me that she had slept with Kenny, Shaunie actually came out first and said that people weren’t being completely honest and she felt really bad because of the speech that I had just given and so she wanted to let me know that things aren’t exactly real. And so I said, “With who, Evelyn?” Because that’s the only person that I could think of that might have something against me and in all honesty I was under the assumption that she was gonna tell me that Evelyn didn’t really like me and that she was being fake for the cameras, acting like she was cool with me but it wasn’t really that way, so I kept asking Shaunie to tell me what it was and she said, “I’m not gonna be the one to tell you, I think the person should” and that’s where the clip picked back up and you see Shaunie inside with Evelyn saying, “You should go tell Tami,” she wants to talk to you outside.” So Evelyn is thinking that I know what she’s gonna tell me and I’m thinking we’re gonna have an all together different conversation so I was completely blown away when she said what she said to me and my reaction to her saying it was cut out. The reaction that you guys see, we had already been in conversation about it.

Where was your head when you swung at her?

I could have gotten past everything because the issue for me wasn’t that she slept with Kenny. I mean, there had been a lot of infidelity in our relationship so that wasn’t a surprise. The issue for me was that it was her and we’ve been cool⎯at least I thought⎯for the whole taping of the season and you never once felt comfortable enough to pull me to the side and say that or brief me before you give me that information? I just felt like, wow you smiled in my face for almost three months. You never thought that was information that I should know? I felt from a woman to woman perspective that she didn’t respect me and I could have gotten past that but when you say that I’m a non factor, bitch, that’s where it goes left because you already have disrespected me just by not telling me and then you call me out my name as if I really don’t matter as if the situation is basically irrelevant to you.

Did you get a genuine, not made for TV apology?

I did get an apology from Evelyn. She apologized for calling me a non factor and all of that and someone had told me since that, there’s some video out where she’s speaking with Shaunie about the incident and she’s saying, “I’m not apologizing for sleeping with Kenny because it is what it is but I do apologize for calling her a non factor.” And for me, it’s like if you’re apology is sincere, if you’re acknowledging that what you did was wrong because it’s not just about me being a non factor but it’s about women in general respecting other women. If a man’s in a relationship, then you should hold off until he’s out of that relationship and I really believe in what I said that there weren’t many people who didn’t know Kenny was married. It’s just those particular women who did not care, because a man’s gonna be a man. He’s gonna do what you allow him to do. If you’re gonna sleep with him and you know he’s got a wife, he’s gonna sleep with you and in that sense it really is what it is but we as women have to have some type of camaraderie and respect for each other and make men accountable for the relationship that they’re in and when they’re out of them then you can go ahead and make your bid and do your splits and hang from the chandelier or whatever other tricks you got in your bag to get him. But while he’s with somebody else we all should respect that.

What’s your relationship like with Evelyn and all the women in general after this experience?

Wow, this has been something else but for me I’m the type of person where I’m cool with you until you give me a reason not to be cool with you. I really don’t classify them as friends because I don’t use that word lightly. We tape together. We’re castmates, I speak to them via text. I spoke to Shaunie on the phone maybe twice or three times since we’ve stopped taping and we get together whenever we have to do something but from my standpoint I think they’re a lot closer from their standpoint.

What’s coming up for the rest of the reunion?

I cant reveal anything really about the reunion but I will tell you Royce is a firecracker. She’s gonna speak her mind on whatever the issue is and that’s why I respect her and a lot of things are just gonna be made clear to a lot of people.

What was really accomplished with that final meeting?

When I decided to do the show it was because I wanted to bring some light to the issue of my kids and their father and what they were going through with him not being in their life and I think once that episode aired a lot of people understood that and I think that I helped a lot of people with that. I’ve gotten letters from guys like, “Wow, I haven’t been as involved with my daughters as I should be so I’m gonna make a point of being in my child’s life,” and so, for me that’s what I wanted to accomplish so in that sense it has been a great experience. With regard to women and the cattyness and the immature behavior and arguing and fighting all the time, that’s not technically who I am as a person so for me that was a little awkward.

Will we see you during season three?

I do not know if I’m gonna do season three. I just feel⎯amongst the debate in my personal household with my family and the people that I love⎯because, if I can’t bring something of value or some issue⎯like I said⎯the first season, I brought my kids in there and their dad so now if I can’t bring something in there that people can learn from then it’s not to my benefit to be on TV arguing and fighting and people smiling in your face and stabbing you in the back. That’s not really how I get down, subjecting myself to that environment for three or four months when I really don’t have to. That’s a lot for me to think about.

Basketball Wvies Season 2 reunion airs tonight at 8pm.