Ride or Die: 5 Things To Do In A Lamborghni


Ladies, if you ever get the opportunity to drive a Lamborghini, take it.  And read this article.  Not necessarily in that order.

By Kym Allison Backer

From the attention-grabbing lines of the exterior to its hand-tooled, luxurious leather interior, the Lamborghini Gallardo is a show-stopper.  At $198,000, it may be one of the brand’s less expensive models (relatively speaking), but there’s nothing cut-rate about this impressive piece of modern machinery.  Here are the top five things you should do to ensure that your Lamborghini drive is a successful one.

1. BE CONFIDENT.  Discreetly locate the very discreetly located controls before any movement occurs.  Fumbling is not fly.

2. BE SEXY.  This is the time to rock your coolest sunglasses.  You will not outshine the Gallardo, but no one will see your eyes rolling wildly as you enjoy the superior automotive craftsmanship.  Besides, you must look the part.

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