Rihanna May Cancel Tour Dates Due To Poor Sales; Ciara Snickers On Twitter?


Looks like lightening’s striking twice in regards to Rihanna’s recent tour sales. Similar to her Last Girl On Earthtour last year, NY Post is reporting that the Bajan singer is having trouble selling tickets for her Loud tour, scheduled to start in the US in June.

Sources say after poor US concert pre-sales last month, Rihanna has been advised by her manager over at Roc Nation, Jay Brown, to cancel domestic dates on her upcoming tour. Her scheduled tour date at T.D. Garden arena in Boston on July 24th with Cee Lo Green has only sold a disappointing 3,700 tickets out of the 15,000 she needs just to break even. They expect more than a half-million dollars in losses from the Boston concert alone.

The tour starts on June 4th in Baltimore and heads to Canada and then around the US before moving to England in August. But sources say while the ticket sales are sluggish, Rihanna is demanding “the works” for a memorable show. An insider is quoted as saying “It’s the normal diva requests, which is tolerated, when you make money.”

Heres where things get rather funny: Remember that little Twitter feud Rihanna and Ciara had a couple of weeks back where she tweeted to Ciara “Good Luck with booking that stage you speak of“? Well, heres what Ciara had to say just minutes ago in what looks like a response to Rihanna’s recent ticket sales debacle:

That Ciara man…