Romeo Talks Dating Older Women, Reality Show & Interracial Relationshops [Pg. 3]


How old is too old for Romeo?
I don’t really judge anybody, but I love a smart girl, she’s got to be able to hold her own. I love confidence. A lot of girls feel that they need a guy to give them confidence. Girls and women should know they don’t need any guy to give them anything, be independent and be strong and you’ll find the right guy when it’s time. For me the age comes in the education –when I talk to you and you talk to me and I see where your mind’s at, that’s how I can tell if I like you.

Have you dated anyone older before?
No comment! [Laughs] Being 21, a lot of people are older than me. I talk to some older people, but not too much older.

So it’s safe to say someone in their 30s may have a chance with Romeo?
Yeah of course. Whatever you want to think, think it.

Whatever happened to your reality show Romeo and Juliet?
That was a reality show [Viacom] wanted me to do back in the day. I wasn’t doing it because I was still in college. I wasn’t able to green light it because being an NCAA player, you’re not able to do TV and play ball. I’m just searching for my Juliet in the real world now.

Do you think that you would eventually tape it?
I’m not sure. If I’m looking for love, I might be down to it, but right now I’m very busy with business and being the president of the new company and then school. You never know though.

I remember the trailer for that showing more white girls vying for your love than chicks of color. What are your thoughts on interracial relationships?
It’s crazy because we actually had the same amount of every girl on there, but that’s how it worked out when we edited it. I feel that it’s 201l – love is love, if you love somebody, that’s who you love, if you like somebody, that’s who you like it. I’m very open minded, but I do love black women. I love sexy chocolate.

How do you think your exes would describe you?

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