Romeo Talks Ex-Girlfriends + Advice For Bieber, Willow & Diggy [Pg. 4]


How do you think you’re exes would describe you?
I treat my girl like a princess, so probably like a prince. I really feel if you’re with somebody, that’s your princess, they deserve the world and they deserve to be treated the best. Even though I’m a very busy person, I will always make time for that person. 

What’s the sweetest thing you’ve ever done for a girlfriend?
I remember when my [girlfriend] just got in town and she had a rough day, but I was super busy that day and I knew I wasn’t going to be able see her, so I went around looking for the best flowers and left them on her doorstep with a nice card and cheered up her day and let her know that you’re not alone and somebody is thinking about you and the next day we just chilled and I took her to Disneyland. I’m kind of like a hopeless romantic… especially with a name like Romeo.

How do you think younger artists are different today compared to back when you were out?
It’s really crazy because now everybody wants fame at a younger age and nobody really understands the importance of your childhood. It’s not like how it was back in the day with me and Bow Wow when you were shocked to see somebody at the age being successful. Now it’s common and I really hope these kids are getting their education because for me that’s what made me the person I am. That’s a problem now. Like Lindsay Lohan wasn’t able to live her childhood and you see where it’s taken her. And then our most common example, Michael Jackson; he had no childhood at all. You have your whole life to be an entertainer. For some people, it’s meant for them. Like someone like Willow Smith who’s been around it her whole life, she’ll be prepared for it better than some other people, but at the same time she’s super young and as a kid you have to experience some things without being in the limelight. Because you’re going to mess up…it’s your childhood. Right now I feel like a lot of these kids are going to miss out on their childhood and it could be for the bad or for the good, it just depends on how mentally stable they are.

If you could give advice to Diggy, Willow and Bieber, what would you say?
I give Justin Bieber a lot of advice because he’s definitely going through what I have in the past. I’d just tell them to not get pushed into doing something you don’t want to do and really enjoy this stage in your life because it’s your childhood. It’s going to be over sooner than later. You got to be respectful. You got to be a kid. Don’t rush. Don’t grow up too soon. And most importantly get your education whichever way possible.

Now that you’ve grown up, how’s your music different? I imagine you can do some cursing now [laughs]
For me music is about expressing yourself, even when I say stuff too much haters say ‘Oh he think he’s a thug and he’s been giving the good life.’ People don’t know half the things I go through. I’m not complaining because I do have a good life. You have people that experience this Japan devastation—that’s what you call a hard life, so I’m never going to complain. But at the same time, you do have a voice for your opinion and you should stand up no matter where you’re from. Just because I didn’t kill 20 people don’t mean I’m a coward. Don’t be afraid to express yourself. That’s what I’m doing more in my music. I’m opening up and letting you feel Romeo more. It goes from A to Z, I’m able to make the down south bounce music, then I’m able to do crossover music. That’s where I’ve been very fortunate. I’m going to use my fame for the better. I really want to help the world and I’m going to do my part.

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