Romeo Talks Sex Symbol Status, Dancing With That Stars & Changing Up No Limit [Pg. 2]


Is the sound of No Limit going to change? Is there a Euro-pop song that would come out of No Limit?
When you expand any business things change. We got the rap artists, but I just signed a pop artist by the name of Michael Sean. We got a rock group too. We’re still going to give you that down south bounce, but at the same time our music is definitely expanding because people might listen to Taylor Swift and Jay-Z now. Over here at No Limits there’re no limits, we’re able to make every type of music. Record sales aren’t like what they used to be. You have to go grind and use music to get into other things. Like what I’m doing with these No Limit artists, a lot of their music are going to be in video games and movies. We’re going to expand and not think in one way anymore.

People usually think Dancing With The Stars is for D-listers in need of extra fame. What made you comfortable with partaking?
They actually wanted me to do it on season two. I was going to be the youngest person to do it, but I ended up hurting myself. They only had one more day left and I signed the contract and I was like ‘Dad can you please replace me?’ So my dad did it and he had only one day to rehearse. Me doing it now is perfect timing because I couldn’t film while doing basketball. A lot of people do this for fame or press, but I’m dancing with a purpose… to show kids that just like them I’m human and I’m doing something out of the box. I want kids to be OK with trying something new and I feel it always start with an example and if I can be that example and change a lot of these kids lives then why not?

Are you good with your hips?
[Laughs] I never move my hips, but I’m trying to give a little effort in becoming a ballroom dancer. But on a scale of 1-10 that’s a 0. I got a 10 on rhythm, but dancing is not just about having rhythm, you have to have the steps down.

This is true. Doesn’t look like you have to put much effort into being a sex symbol.
I can’t complain. It’s really weird because growing up I never really looked at myself as a sex symbol, I just always do me. I love working out and I guess it worked out for the better since I’m a workaholic. I love being healthy. It’s definitely kind of cool in a way, growing up being a younger sensation and now growing up into this adult world, but definitely being able to crossover to everybody –I have no complaints at all.

Are cougars on the hunt for you?
Definitely, I have older women coming up to me saying “You’re going to marry me and we’re never going to get divorced.”

Ha! That doesn’t weird you out?
In this day and age, I’m really grateful. It just shows that I’m able to touch a lot of people and that’s what I really want to do. I can’t complain about the cougar love [laughs]

How old is too old for Romeo?

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