Skinny Girls Deal With Weight Issues Too!


People fire off shots at skinny girls with the assumption that it’s easy being thin. Well, guess again because just like any female there are things we’d like to adjust or change about our bodies. As a skinny girl myself, I can say that it’s quite hard to stay at a decent weight that accentuates the womanly curves. Recently, supermodel Chanel Iman has been shedding light on how she adds on the pounds she craves.

“It’s very difficult for me because I’m naturally skinny,” says Iman. “I have to put on a lot of weight and work out to gain muscle. I love curves and being sexy.”

She revealed to US Weekly: “I’m eating everything from steak to mashed potatoes; people hate me!”

Kudos to Iman for being so open about something that a lot of us skinny Vixens deal with! Although it’s not one of those uber depressing things, it’s still annoying to be a super-skinny or petite girl at times. We enjoy being curvaceous and filling out certain outfits that can make a man stop and stare. There’s a definite sexiness to being a fuller female. Often times, our thicker friends frown upon our race to gain the silhouette they naturally have, as if we’re not working just as hard at staying fit and healthy. This may be just a few pounds for the young VS girl, but naturally skinny girls are thanking her for finally making more people notice the frustration.