Suge Knight And Kanye West Reach ‘Confidential’ Settlement


[AllHipHop News] Former Death Row CEO Marion “Suge” Knight has dropped his appeal of a lawsuit involving rapper/producer Kanye West.

Suge Knight took Kanye to court over medicals bills that stemmed from an August, 2005 shooting at a pre-VMA that was hosted by West at The Shore Club.

The party was attended by celebrities like Game, Paris Hilton, Black Eyed Peas, Eddie Murphy and others.

Knight attempted to sue Kanye West for millions, after he was shot in the leg and suffered from a shattered femur.

Additionally, Knight attempted to charge Kanye for a $135,000 earring that was stolen during the melee.

The case was thrown out in November, when a judge ruled that there was no evidence to support Knight’s claim that security had been negligent by allowing someone with a gun to enter the club, where security was supposed to be tight.

According to the Associated Press, both sides have reached a confidential agreement to settle the case out of court.