Tia Mowry Reacts To Baby’s First Kick


Tia Mowry is taking mighty well to pregancy both maternally and externally. The Game actress recently described her first baby kick to People saying: “Feeling your baby kick for the first time is one of the most amazing, beautiful things I’ve ever felt. The first time I felt him kick I was laying down in my bed watching A Baby Story and I felt [what I call a] ‘butterfly flutter’. I laugh with him when he kicks because he’ll tickle me,” she says.

“Sometimes my husband will just tap my belly like, ‘Hey! Are you in there?’ But he moves when I eat because he’s eating and loves it.”

Aww! Tia also shared that as the wife of Cory Hardrict she’s been receiving some pregancy perks. “You get special treatment, I’m not going to lie. Everyone is always making sure you’re okay.” 

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