Today In Blank Stare News: Is Suri Cruise Too Old For A Pacifier?


Suri Cruise is still allowed to have her pacifier at 5-year’s old. Some people (like us) think that’s way too old but surprisingly, there are others who don’t find it too strange. Pop Eater took a FaceBook poll and here’s what they got back from parents: 

Lisa Matican Rosengarten: My son had it until 5. I told him that children less fortunate need his pacifier and can’t afford their own. He gladly gave it up but at bedtime he would seem to go through “withdrawals”. It didn’t last long 🙂

Megan Aubin: Oh yes, both of my girls did. One, it took a fancy Barbie to get her to give it up. The other daughter we basically had to throw them all out. We tried the garbage but she just took them out again!!! [Props to Pop Eater]