Today In Lady Gaga Weirdness News: She Plans To Sleep In Grammy Egg Nightly


Yep. She has hatched a plan (no pun intended) to sleep in her gigantic Grammy egg every night.

Via Pop Eater: According to U.K.’s Mirror, Gaga felt so “at peace” while incubating in a giant egg before her Grammy performance in February that she is having a similar egg bed installed in her New York condo.

But a giant egg isn’t the only thing that will turn Gaga’s pad into a house of horrors. The Mirror reports that the pop star’s home will also feature a handful of alien sculptures, inspired by her ‘Born This Way’ video, as well as masks and bones collected from her travels.
If her ‘Born This Way’ video is any indication, Gaga’s plan to hatch a race of tolerant beings may take a bit longer than expected if, to do so, we’ve all got to grab ourselves an egg whites-only sleeper.