Today In SMH News: NYPD Wilds Out Again! Cops Rough Up Man Holding A Baby


There are so many things wrong with this video. Once again, the police are irrationally power trippin but at the same time this man shouldn’t resist. However, the fact that he has a screaming baby in his arms makes it more understandable. What’s even worse than the baby’s cries are that the cops are grabbing and pulling the man almost knocking him over on top of the child. One of the cops even appears to be grabbing the baby and eventually several more cops appear and seemingly try to pry the baby from the man’s hands like the child is a doll. What part of the game is that? This is absolutely ridiculous. That child is going to be so traumatized. Watch for yourself:

It would have been so much simpler if they allowed him to call someone to come take the child so that they could properly arrest him. Even if he was mouthing off and acting hostile, one man who is presumably unarmed (assuming this because of the baby) against eight cops (maybe more) is hardly a threat. Hopefully this man at least has gets a successful lawsuit out of the deal, for the sake of the therapy that kid is going to need.