Twitter 100: Which Celebrity Has The Most Regrettable Tattoo?


Each issue, VIBE polls 100 people on Twitter and posts the results in the magazine. Check out the top 10 responses from the April/May 2011 issue question: Which celebrity’s latest ink is the most regrettable? Peep the @VibeMagazine timeline for our June/July question and the chance to be quoted in the magazine!

Youheardright: Without a doubt, it’s gotta be Gucci Mane aka Ghetto Insane and his ice cream facial tat. This highly visible nonsense is a constant reminder of his mental instability. Can you say Brrr-ain freeze? Or better yet Brrr-ain dead?!?!

Troymonaco: Gucci. Cuz every time he looks in a mirror it will forever blank stare him dead in the face and be a chilly permanent reminder of how his career froze up and went from hardcore Hotlanta spitter to crazy cold soft serve. #schizo.

Asoldierz: The most regrettable is the t-pain u don’t have to like me (the facebook sign). This is the most regrettable because I think facebook is a fad like myspace. Its gone fade out and something else gone come soon. And it will be OLD! He will regret that tat. And he will cover it in 2 years at the most. If facebook paid me, I would do it. But no free promotion here buddy! So t-pain is has the most regrettable tattoo. 

[TWEET PICK] Fightthepowerbe: i feel that Gucci looks like a non-fabulous hood banner for Edys ice cream “the dirty south Gucci Mane edition” Cocaine is a hell of a drug.

Renegade_23: Brandy’s Ganesh tatoo. The other celebrities tatoos mentioned are not regrettable because they match with their brand, Brandy’s does not. 

RaeHolliday: Gucci has definitely achieved the most regrettable Tattoo. As if Gucci didn’t already look like a dark-skinned used Condom. He has now drawn more unnecessary attention to that Mug, with his ode to Mr. Softee.

1truqueen: I would have to say Rihanna…first rule of tattoos, make sure its spelled right. Second rule of tattoos, make sure its spelled right.

UrbanSocialista: HANDS DOWN Gucci’s Ice Cream Cone! Smh – I used to defend him, I’m the girl who knew he wasn’t a “cutie” but was still able to see an attractiveness about him………. yea I’m over that! Plus, for obvious reasons, the others can be covered… A cone on your face…. Not so much! 

Blamegreg: Of those on the list it’s T-Pains driven by insecurity and references a social network that could fall off the planet tomorrow it’s the worst. Why was the Games butterfly left off though?? Him covering it up shows that it was easily the most regretted

ButterFlawyer: I def. believe tatts are a form of creative expression. However… Gucci’s creative juices MUST have stopped flowing! Annnd the award for #MostRatchetTattooOfTheYear goes to… *smdh*