Underneath it All: 5 Reasons to Wear Pretty Panties


Underwear is the first article of clothing we put on in the morning, and very last to make it off at the end of the evening. It is the foundation of any outfit, fab or fail, and should be treated with such importance. Many women have yet to discover the power of pretty panties, and the miraculous abilities they have. But we assure you, there are more than enough reasons to step your lingerie game up. -Chelsea Smith

* Clothes Look Better: I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again—all it takes is the wrong pair of underwear to ruin a completely perfect outfit. How sad it is when a girl leaves the house in a nicely fitted dress or flawless pair of jeans, only to find out later that the imprint of her illl-chosen undergarments stole the show? Ladies—panty line was SO 2002! Or what about cutesy tops that are forced to compete with not-so-cute back fat bulge from a too-tight bra (don’t worry—it happens to the best of us), or even a loud print that peeks through the fabric? Bras and panties are powerful tools (for more reasons than one) and should be used wisely to make the most of your outfit. The right fit and style can take pounds off of your figure, detract from problem areas, and enhance your lovely feminine assets.

* Wardrobe Malfunction: I have this one amazing skirt that’s made by Isaac Mizrahi for Target. Got it back in ’07 and it’s undoubtedly one of my favorites: bright, multicolored, bold graphic print, free-flowing fit. I mean really, it’s everything! But for some odd reason, whenever I wear this skirt I always end up walking outside, there is always a randomly strong gust of wind, and it always finds a way to fly up when my hands are too full to do anything about it. You may think I’m joking but I have several friends and strangers alike who have witnessed the scandalous phenomenon over the last few years. I say this all to say that if I didn’t wear pretty panties, these numerous Marilyn Monroe moments could have been sheer horror. But, instead, there were laughable “uh-oh” and keep it moving kinda deals. Whew! You too can stay prepared for unexpected wardrobe malfunctions by keeping your underoos cute. So whether you bend down and experience a little peek-a-boo, or forget a button in you blouse—there’s nothing to worry about.

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