UPDATE: Teedra Moses Signs To Maybach Music Signing


From the lioness’ mouth, Maybach Music Group sounds as if it could be Teedra Moses’ new den. Think MMG is a powerhouse now since signing Wale and Meek Mills? Just wait until this soulful songstress makes her appearance on the May 25th release of MMG’s compilation album Self Made. The ink of her signature may be dry as early as the summertime, but hey, we don’t even have to go into details. We’ll let her tell it herself:

VIBE VIXEN: You’re an independent artist right now, but do you want that major label machine to sign to?
I do want a label, and I’m talking with people. I’ve had a label before so you can’t get me with the lure of ‘Oh, we gon’ sign you!’ That don’t mean shit to me, you know? [Laughs] That don’t mean nothing because if you don’t believe then that don’t mean nothing. The number one thing with me is do you get it?

I had this experience: The night of my birthday. We went out, we had drinks, me and my friends. We went to this little lounge place that I go to here in Miami. I came home, and I’m just having this really good birthday…and going into this birthday I never felt so strong. I never felt so boss! I just really felt like the lioness to the truest form, like nothing could mess with me. I’m coming home, it’s like 4 o’clock in the morning and I just hop on Twitter. I never check my DM’s because I don’t really talk to people on the DM’s, but I look at my DM’s and I see that Rick Ross hits me and was like, “Who you signed to? I doing this company…” blah blah blah. I’m like cool! He likes my music and that always makes you feel good when your peers acknowledge that you’re good too. From that point on, we kinda start talking. He lives down here in Miami too, so I start going over there and catch the vibe with him. He hustles really, really hard, so whenever he was in town, I would go over there and check him out and do tracks and just vibe.

When was this?
He hit me in December; we started communicating in January. And you know, I really like them. I like the fact that he’s an artist that understands what I’m doing. He always says, ‘You my Anita Baker.’ Like, he understands what I’m doing. Not saying that I’m Anita Baker, but that’s kinda the way I wanted to do it. I want somebody to say, ‘Hey, this girl is hustling. She does her thing. Why is nobody signing her?’ I never wanted to go to them and beg. So… we’re talking and I really rock with them. I’m considering that very strongly, as he is considering it very strongly. 

Wow, so Maybach could be the new home for you?
I believe so. Yeah. I like the way they move and I like the hunger over, and I like that it’s all about work. As much as Rick talks about the glitz and glamour or whatever, he goes hard and he works hard, so I rock with that. And that’s what I do. I work hard, I rock shows, I touch the people and I try to make good music. I’m not really into the hoopla.

Now, I don’t know if you can or cannot talk about this, but when will this be developing. I know he just recently signed some people, so will you sign this summer or something later in the year…?
Oh, I’m more than sure. We are in close talks and working on the compilation now.

Yeah, I’m giving songs to the compilation. Hey, listen– I’m so simple. I’m big on vibe, and it’s not enough for somebody to say they like your music and I rock with you. I have to see how you roll. I really just went over to his camp and just scoping it out to see if it’s somewhere I can fit. He has Wale and Meek Mills and then the people that are around him that just came up with him, that’s a big deal to me. You know, I feel comfortable at this point, so I think it’s something that’s going to be [done] probably by the summer.

UPDATE: It’s official!