V Exclusive: Big Sean Talks Working With Chris Brown, Linking With Wiz Khalifa, And Completing ‘Finally Famous’


For Big Sean, finally can’t come soon enough. Since 2007, the Detroit MC-who infamously inked a deal with Kanye West’s G.O.O.D. Music imprint after rapping for ‘Ye outside a Motor City radio station—has been prepping for the release of his debut album, Finally Famous. But thanks to a crowded G.O.O.D. roster, a busy boss (‘Ye’s put out three solo albums since he first met Sean), and a lack of a true radio hit, Finally Famous has been more like a wish than a realization.

But, not for long. Today, Sean’s first real radio single, “My Last,” featuring Chris Brown, drops on iTunes. And as a result, it finally sounds like Finally Famous will be released sometime in the very near future—possibly as early as the end of the month. With everything starting to pick up for the stylish rapper (pick up the February/March issue of VIBE to see a fashion story that revolves around Sean), we asked him to slow down for a minute to explain exactly how things are going for him right now. No surprises here: Your man is doing G.O.O.D.—Chris Yuscavage



VIBE: So, first things first, Sean. We’ve been hearing conflicting reports about when Finally Famous is coming out. Some folks are reporting it could drop as early as the end of March. Any truth to that?

BIG SEAN: It’s scheduled to come out March 29, but there’s definitely a possibility it will come out a little bit later than that. It may come out sometime in April, May, or even June. But it’s definitely coming out very soon and it’s definitely titled Finally Famous.

How happy are you about that? It seems like your fans have looking at a big bold “TBD” next to your album’s projected release date for—pun intended—forever now.

Man, I’m happy as shit! The wait is almost over. [Laughs]

Obviously the single, “My Last,” featuring Chris Brown, has a lot to do with Def Jam’s decision to put the album out. You finally landed on a track that both the Internet and the radio seem to have responded well to.

Yeah, yeah. The single didn’t even go for adds yet, but radio has already been showing me a lot of love. I heard it even landed somewhere on the Billboard charts, so that’s just incredible to me. I wasn’t sure how people would respond to it, because it’s such a feel-good song but it’s different from what’s on the radio now. And obviously getting Chris on there was a great look, too. But it’s funny because that song wasn’t originally supposed to have him on it. It was all me.

Really? So, you handled the verses and then did the hook as well?

Yeah, I originally did the whole song. I can harmonize pretty good, so I handled the hook in addition to the verses. I definitely can’t sing as good as Chris. [Laughs] But I’m okay.

So, how did Chris end up on it then? He’s obviously had his issues over the course of the last couple of years and some artists have been afraid to work with him but it seems like you guys have been in the studio a lot lately. How did you end up linking up with him?