V Exclusive: Chevy Woods Talks Working On Wiz Khalifa’s ‘Cabin Fever’; Hints At Upcoming ‘Taylor Gang’ Video


When Wiz Khalifa dropped his latest mixtape release, Cabin Fever, without warning several weeks ago (Feb. 17), Taylor Gang fans engulfed the 9-track project with little question of the project’s origin.

“[Wiz] was calling me, asking me to record verses without really saying what the verses were for. I found out the same day they were for Cabin Fever when it came out,” says Chevy Woods who has been riding with Wiz for nearly eight years and counting.

“[Cabin Fever] has two meanings, like one with all the smoke and being trapped somewhere. When the doors close, you’re stuck in the cabin. And the other is just going sick, getting Cabin Fever and this is the end product of that,” explains Chevy who is featured on three tracks from the mixtape.

Laying his vocals over the already-familiar Lex Luger-produced anthem “Taylor Gang”, along with “Middle Of You” and “Homocide” from the disc, the fellow Pittsburgh native describes his style as ‘a bit more street and edgier’, than Wiz.

“We did [“Taylor Gang”] at Wiz’s house. It was just a bunch of us doing what we do with the grass, like animals. Grazing on some grass [laughs],“ he continues. “We got something else special coming with that, I can’t really say too much on that… but think visual.”

In addition to holding Wiz down on tour, Chevy is readying the release of his own solo mixtape, Red Cup Music. While a release date has not yet been set, Woods plans on shooting another pair of visuals to accompany the project before its release.

Chevy is currently hitting spot dates with Wiz Khalifa at various tour stops across the country.