V Exclusive: Omarion Addresses His ‘Come And Talk To Me’ Haters + Rosa Acosta Comments On O’s Sexuality


By now, all narrow-ranged R&B artists should know to be wary of recreating classic hits. Former B2K frontboy Omarion learned that lesson the hard way when he released his own raspy rendition of the 1991 Jodeci groove “Come And Talk To Me,” accompanied with a R-rated music video featuring model Rosa Acosta.

 Needless to say, Omarion’s version didn’t really impress listeners and the young singer got pummeled with comments criticizing his vocal ability and dubbing his sexy video a clear act of desperation. However O shared with VIBE his personal thoughts on the backlash: 

 “I’ve been getting mixed reviews. A lot of people from the old school, that grew up listening to Jodeci, and I’m not meaning in my age bracket, I mean part of Jodeci’s time, they don’t really like it,” he says. “But a lot of the young people appreciate it. But I say hey, I was a big fan of Jodeci and I thought it was really interesting as an entertainer that no one has touched any of their records and/or their legacy.”

 O also commented on the sex factor of his video, Rosa Acosta, and their evident chemistry. “A lot of the times when you’re an artist and you say well find me an “it” girl for my video, there’s no real chemistry. But because me Rosa and developed a relationship for many years now, she was kind enough to allow herself to be vulnerable on film as well and I think that creates really good moments.”

 The vixen herself also spoke to VIBE about having initial second thoughts on doing the video. “I’m not sure if it was easier because we know each other but I think it came out great. In the beginning I was a little nervous. Making something like that look intimate when its actually a whole group production was kind of a challenge. We both did our acting thing and I think it came out great.”

Rosa also commented on the alleged gay rumors surrounding Omarion in the recent past by saying “It’s sad that this day the media really don’t care about your new project, what you’re working on but they do care about who youre dating, the sandal, the sexual preference” She added “I’m expecting those type of things to happen because that’s the industry that he’s in.”

Omarion is currently putting final touches on his R&B mixtape The Awakening, set to hit the net April 27th. —Keenan Harris with additional reporting by Clover Hope