V Exclusive: Warren G And Kurupt On Nate Dogg’s Legacy: ‘He’s Still Here With Us’


The hip-hop community remains in mourning after losing Nate Dogg last week (Mar. 15) to complications stemming from mutiple strokes he suffered in past years.

VIBE and Cashmere Agency dedicated our SXSW ‘Respect The West’ showcase to Nate Dogg and his family. The event took place this past Saturday in Austin, Texas. We sat down with two of the late singer’s closest friends to remember all that Nate Dogg brought to hip-hop music.

Warren G told us that there’s plenty of records that have yet to have been released from the West Coast legend. Fans can rest assure that Nate will continue to have a presence in upcoming years.

“I got tons of records that we did together — there’s stuff that we just had stashed. We got a bunch of stuff. I may put it out one day — you never know. I don’t want to just put it out right now because of the situation that happened,” Warren G told VIBE.” I ain’t like that — [Nate’s] my homeboy — I will do it for his kids and mother. It’s [now] about me and Snoop as 213, carrying on his legacy.”

Kurupt also explained how Nate Dogg influenced his life and career.

“He was always on my heels, ‘Kurupt! — get that shit right, man. I thought you was the Kingpen.’, the rapper says in best Nate Dogg voice. “Nate was a perfectionist. I’ll always remember that he helped me get to my best. He was a big brother to me. Nate raised me, damn near.”

Stat tuned for more from VIBE x Cashmere’s Nate Dogg Tribute.

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