V Exclusive: Yung Berg Talks Natalie Nunn, Lil B, ‘Sexy Can I Pt. 2′ & Retiring Flashy Chains


Hey hip-hop, remember your old go-to dunceboy Yung Berg? Don’t count on laughing at any future fails in waiting, the 24-year-old claims he’s learned from all his mistakes and is determined to win your attention again. Starting with his latest mixtape Mr. Ward that leads with a steamy music video featuring gossip girl Natalie Nunn. VIBE caught up with YB and grilled him about his maturity, face tatts, his buddy Lil B, reality show, and why you’ll never catch him with a big ass chain ever again.—Tracy Garraud 

VIBE: Looks like you want to show your more mature side by titling this tape Mr. Ward. What track of on there displays this best?
Yung Berg: As far as a deep record of me talking…”So Amazing” showcases that. It really touches on a lot of things with me being from Chicago and just around the border and just showing that growth that I’m aware of things that are going on but at the same token, I’m not letting anything stop me from being who I want to be and taking me where I want to go. My birth name is Christian Ward so I just wanted to take it to another level and show the grown side of me because I came in the game when I was 19-years-old and now I’m 24… it’s just different.

We peeped Natalie Nunn and her lingerie in the video for “So Amazing.” How’d you link up with her?
It kind of happened organically. I live in LA and I’ve known Natalie and she’s just always around. We just happened to be in LA and to be honest with you, due to the content of the record, I was like I didn’t want it to be me with a whole bunch a women. I felt like that’s been done before. Me and Nat are friends and the Internet is always putting us together like we’re dating or I’m fucking her. So we were like let’s play a joke and put the video out, so if people want to attach us like that, let’s go ahead and make some history. It happened real quick. I called her the day of the video,  like “Yo Nat what you’re doing today?” and she was like, “I’m not doing nothing, just shopping.” Two hours later she showed up and we shot the video.

You and Nat have never ever dated?
Of course not. Natalie’s just a friend. I’m going to let you know if I’m smashing or who my girl is because I want the world to know so they know not to be on my girl. Natalie’s just a friend. I never touched her. She never touched me. It’s just beautiful to be able to have her in the video.

Okay I guess we believe you [laughs], plus you do shout out Wiz and Taylor Gang in the song…