Vixen Health + Fitness: Jeanette Jenkins Checks In About Nike Training Club App, Gives Three Favorite Clients & Explains Why Green Vegetables Are Key


On day two with The Hollywood Trainer and Nike Training Club Ambassador, Jeanette Jenkins brings us more tips on how to shed pounds, her true feelings about the obsession with beauty and image and why she’s super proud of Paula Patton. Make sure you pay attention to her tips on eating, too! Spinach, Broocolli, Kale, Oh my! -Niki McGloster

How did you link up with Nike?
I’ve been with Nike for eight years, and I first got signed to Nike by the head of Women’s Olympic and Sports marketing. The Nike training Club Ambassador title is new for this year because there’s a whole new division at Nike which is Nike Training. The Nike Training Club, they did a deal with me to be an ambassador for the Club. As the ambassador, I’ve given them several different workouts and exercises that are on the application. Because my workouts are premium, you can’t just get them. You have to exercise to the app and earn them as a reward.

Oh, okay. I actually have the app on my phone and they have the different levels.
Yeah. If you do a certain amount of minutes, it gets logged into your account and then you receive rewards. After 60 minutes, 120 minutes, 300 minutes, you receive my workouts.

Your workouts would be like an expert level training, then?
Yeah, basically. Rock hard, kick butt stuff! I know a lot of people have unlocked my Ab Blast workout and they’re like, ‘Oh my, God! It’s amazing, but my abs are killing me!’ [Laughs] Also, as the ambassador we’ll teach special classes for elite groups of people for certain things. Like, super VIP, hidden [classes]. We actually did one in New York for all the editors of women’s magazines, and everyone was chauffeured to the location, it was all private. It was incredible! I designed the workout for that, and they paired me up with several of the Nike athletes and we presented a class together. It’s like a whole VIP experience.

Where do you think the obsession to look good, especially the big booty craze, came from?
[Laughs] Obviously, the obsession to look good comes completely from the media, but even without the media, everyone loves to look good because it makes them feel good about themselves. I just think that you have to be careful because really what the problem is we have a lot of young girls and a lot of women who just can’t see the beauty in themselves. Immediately, they look at themselves and look at the things that are wrong and pick themselves apart, and that is what we have to be careful of. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, and you have to learn how to look at yourself and find beautiful things. Get in the habit of every time you look in the mirror liking what you see and finding something beautiful about it to boost your self-confidence and boost the way you feel about yourself.

You’re absolutely right.
The obsession keeps going because if you constantly put yourself down every time you look in the mirror, then it never ends.

Some people criticize Jennifer Hudson because of the amount of weight she’s lost while others praise her for her efforts. What do you think about her health and fitness accomplishments?
I think Jennifer Hudson looks great, and I think all celebrities look great. Like, I really feel that sometimes people don’t realize that that celebrity is a human being. Imagine what it would be like to be under a microscope where every thing you do is being critiqued and analyzed by thousands and millions of people. I’m just a Christian and that’s it, and I believe that if you don’t have anything positive to say then don’t say anything at all. Find the positive and uplift people and uplift our community. I would rather add value to somebody’s life and add value to the universe than to take it away.

What are the three women that were your favorite to train and why?
Oh, God. I have so many! Do I have to pick three? [Laughs] First and foremost, I love ALL my clients! I love training all of them, [and] they all add some positive value to my life. Number one, I love Tia Mowry because she has the most amazing spirit of all time! She’s just so much fun, and she loves it. There’s nothing more enjoyable than training someone who loves it, you know? I love training Paula Patton-Thicke because she works so hard and she never complains. She always shows up, she always puts in 110% and I had the joy of working with her before she was pregnant, through her pregnancy and after. I got Paula ready for Jumping The Broom and now she’s taping Mission Impossible 4. I’m so proud of her, just the fact that we have a black woman as the lead role with Tom Cruise is next level. And my third one is Kelly [Rowland]. I love Kelly! I trained her to get her ready for the “Commander” video that she did.

Oh, wow! She looks really good in that video.
I trained her to get her ready for the video she did with Nelly, “Gone,” and for the video for her first single “Motivation.”

These ladies are so petite, and although it looks like it doesn’t take much work, I know you’re working them hard.
[Laughs] You see the finished product, but you don’t see how hard those girls work! These girls put it in every day. Five days a week, these girls train, and they work hard! I’m a nutritionist as well, so that’s the good thing. I work as their nutritionist as well.

Really, so what do you make them eat? And what is the main thing people should eat on a consistent basis to stay toned and fit?
Green vegetables. They’re alkaline to the body which means they strengthen their immune system so that you don’t get sick, and they’re filled with iron, vitamin C, low-calories, they decrease your appetite, they have fiber… They are the most underrated food item, but I make sure all my clients eat green vegetables three times a day. Like, spinach with their eggs in the morning and green juices. If someone just makes sure they have a green vegetable at all three servings, they would stop eating some of the other junk food.

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