The Vixen Q&A: Marz Lovejoy Weighs In On Nicki Vs. Kim, Dreams Of Collab With Erykah Badu, & Explains Style


What have your experiences been as a female rapper? Do you feel like its been a struggle to get respect or taken seriously?
It’s come up a little bit but I haven’t come across anything sexist, but at the same time, it’s a male-dominant game and I think your confidence is everything. Me being a female doesn’t intimidate me, it gives me the upper hand. It has been cool; I’ve been given a lot of love. The game right now has a young female rapper. I don’t think I have to say her name right now. She’s really popping which is cool but there’s definitely more of us on the way to balance things out.

And to jet into that a little bit, what are you feelings surround the Nicki Minaj and Lil Kim beef?
Well, it’s not my drama but I have heard the diss and I do know what’s going on. I grew up on Foxy, Lil Kim, Trina, Eve, so I’ve been a Lil Kim fan. I don’t know.

Do you feel that Nicki is copying or…?
Nicki Minaj is cool. She’s on her grind, but you know…the old Kim is where I would place my bet. The Kim I grew up on. If you want to compare it to basketball, you know, there’s Kobe and then there’s Jordan. I’m more of a Jordan fan [laughs]!

Out of all the people whose music you love, and I know you’re an avid fan of the 90’s music scene, who would be your dream collaboration?
I mean, if I could get something with Miss Erykah Badu that would be up there. Man, her style. If you just listen to her wordplay, the way her voice can range. You know, she has that Southern sound, but some part of her is city. She’s classy… Man, she’s just great. And to see her on the electric beatmakers. Man, she kills it!

She definitely does kill her sets, and I’m anxious to see her DJ. Now, Erykah has a unique fashion style too. How would you define your sense of style?
The first thing I think of, even before style, is comfort. Comfort is big to me. I love different patterns, if its funky. I could get quote unquote girly girl or be more tomboyish, but I try to keep a good balance. It just depends on how I feel that day. I thrift shop a lot; that’s most of closet. I like having a pattern on that I won’t necessarily see someone else with.

Yeah, you have a very unique style. That’s the beauty of thrifting, too. You know that somebody else is more than likely not going to have on the same thing. You can really play with your look.
Exactly. Nobody’s going to have on the rainbow cheetah fuzzy shirt that you just found at the thrift store [laughs].

Overall, through your music and your style, what do want fans to get from Marz Lovejoy?
I don’t know if everyone realizes that we’re all human yet, so I just want that to be a lesson. With that being said, treat people with respect. I know it’s hard in life and not everybody is gonna get along, but we have a lot of building to do. I want us to go forward, not backward. Keep it real with yourself because once you start lying to yourself, you lose who you are. Definitely just keep it true to yourself.