What B.o.B learned From Lupe Fiasco, Bruno Mars and T.I.


What B.o.B learned From Lupe Fiasco, Bruno Mars and T.I.

Without a support system, it’s easy for new artists to fall below the wayside. But for B.o.B. keeping his ears open and his mouth shut may be one of his most helpful qualities. Instead of blabbering about platinum plaques and sexual conquests during studio sessions Bobby Ray soaks up game. Here’s what he learned from three of his peers.


T.I. : “I learned so many things but really he just gave me the drive to want to be my best. For him to stay so motivated and considered about getting every detail correct, really just makes me want to get better as an artist.  Everything I learned from T.I.P. isnt from what he told me but what he showed me.”

Lupe Fiasco: “From Lupe I really learned how to have a thorough plan. A lot of people don’t have a structure for what they want to get accomplished. Lupe knows what he wants and isn’t going to comprise to achieve that. He knows how to execute.”

Bruno Mars: “Bruno taught me that when you’re writing a song — you don’t waste a word. Every opportunity that you have to say a lyric should mean something. Filler lines are just a waste. Sing every word like its your last.”