What She Say? Shaunie O’Neal: ‘That’s Kind Of Sexy’


“You can catch us on the [3rd Street] Promenade in Santa Monica when they have all the people performing. I love that. He’s super athletic and we’ll go bike riding. We were just talking the other day that we should get one of those corny double [seat] bikes, [laughs heartily] and we’ll take walks near where I live and to the yogurt place. That’s kind of sexy and romantic and our little quiet time.” (via Rolling Out Magazine, March 17, 2011)

Shaunie gushes about her new beau, model Marlon Yates, in her latest magazine cover spread. The executive producer of Basketball Wives openly discusses her relationship openly which leads us to really believe that everything is peachy. Maybe these are the exciting perks of being a cougar. Marlon looks good, is “super athletic” and seems to truly enjoy time spent with her. But here’s our question for our Vixens:

What’s the one thing your guy can do for or with you that you’d dub as “sexy”? Let us know!